“Cambodians will manage and use natural resources in a sustainable & equitable manner for a healthy environment.”

– Our vision –

Who we are

Mlup Baitong is a Cambodian NGO working to increase environmental awareness and conservation, seeking solutions for sustainable and equitable use of natural resources through education, training, advocacy, community-based natural resource management, and eco-tourism activities.

About us

During the last 5 years

We supported

We protected
of forest

Communities raised
in self help groups

Our radio show reached

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by our very talented volunteer Elisabeth Keuten.

Our impact


We work closely together with remote rural communities in order to improve their livelihoods in a long-term and environmentally sustainable way.



We protect Cambodia’s forests and wildlife by creating protected forests and community protected areas. Click to find out more!



Awareness raising is important to gain understanding and support from local communities. This empowers people to create lasting change.


Our services

At Mlup Baitong we use the knowledge and expertise gained from over 15 years of successful operation to support external clients and to strengthen our own projects. We offer organisational development services as well as material and media production. Examples:

  • Technical training
  • Proposal development
  • Project facilitation
  • Radio broadcasting
  • Production of flyers, posters etc.

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Our Cambodia

Cambodia is a country with fascinating nature and captivating people. At Mlup Baitong we work hard to protect this country and we would like to share some interesting insights and facts about Cambodia with you. Click on the link or on the map to discover Cambodia’s environment, population, infrastructure and much more.

Find out more
Cambodia is a Southeast Asian country bordering Vietnam in the East, Laos in the North and Thailand in the West, with a coastal southern border. More
Around 80% of Cambodians live in rural areas, with forests playing a vital role as a source of food, medicine, construction products, other materials, and small business ventures. More
Cambodia has the largest contiguous block of natural forest remaining on the Asian continent’s mainland and is an important constituent of the Indo-Burma Biodiversity Hotspot, which is one of 35 such hotspot designations worldwide. More
The main streams of Cambodia are the mighty Mekong river and the Tonle Sap, joining at Phnom Penh. Around the area, which is commonly known as the Greater Mekong, about 300 million people in different countries depend directly on the river for food, fiber and clean water. More
More than 70% of the population earn their livelihoods from agriculture, and farming contributes significantly to food security on the countryside. More
Cambodia is home to 850 freshwater and 435 marine fish species, for example the Mekong giant catfish and the threatened Irrawaddy dolphin. Fish accounts for around 75% of the population’s animal protein consumption and is especially important for the rural poor. More
Of the country’s population, about 80% live in rural areas. Cambodia ranks # 143 of 188 countries in the UNDP’s Human Development Index 2015. More
The national electrification rate lies at 22.5%, with Phnom Penh consuming 90% of it. Government plans are to establish access for all villages by 2020, and access for 70% of all households by 2030. More
Besides busy cities and ancient temples, visitors enjoy untouched nature and village life at eco-tourism sites. More

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