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Our oldest ecotourism project in the little village of Chambok is one of the most successful ecotourism sites in Cambodia.
Located in Kampong Speu province, Chambok offers a unique experience at the outskirts of the Kirirom National Park. You will be staying in homestays and learn about the typical daily life of Cambodian families. Guides will take you on beautiful trekking tours through the forests, for example to the beautiful and famous Chambok waterfall. They know everything about the numerous tree and animal species living in these woods and love sharing their knowledge with you.

The eco-tourism site was established way back in 2002 to support the community’s forestry protection project financially. The community forestry project aims to protect the community forest from illegal logging.

For further information and offers, visit the Chambok ecotourism homepage or contact Mr. Touch Morn: (+855) 012 938. 920

Anlung Pring

Anlung Pring, a village located in the Southeast of Kampot Province nearby the Vietnamese border, is home to the rare and globally threatened Sarus Crane. It is the tallest flying bird in the world.
A population of these elegant birds occupies the wetlands surrounding Anlung Pring, arriving at the site in late November and remaining there until early May before migrating North to their breeding grounds. Habitat loss and degradation caused by wetland encroachment, as well as unsustainable exploitation threatens the Sarus Crane. In 2011, the Anlung Pring Sarus Crane Reserve was established to provide protection for the habitat of the Sarus Crane and other bird species in these wetlands. Later, the eco-tourism site was founded to provide an alternative income to the community members, who were living from growing rice and collecting animals, fish and raw materials within the conservation area.

Today, beautiful and breath taking landscapes, unique wildlife and various activities welcome not only bird lovers. There is a lot to discover!

To get more information and to arrange your visit please contact Ms. Chhorn Pich: (+855) 017 525 716.

Chrork La-Eang

Hills of deep green forest and trails along a beautiful waterfall welcome tourists in Chrork La-Eang Village in Aural Wildlife Sanctuary, in the Western province of Pursat.
The eco-tourism site is part of the world famous Cardamom Mountains, home to vast tropical forests and exotic animal and plant species. The forest of Chrork La-Eang is protected by the local community, who patrol it regularly to hinder illegal loggers from destroying their beautiful trees. Experience the daily life of rural Cambodian villagers by staying at one of the homestays hosted by a friendly family.

For further information please contact Mr. Kong Phearin: (+855) 012 713 351 or Mr. Pen Savong: (+855) 088 474 634 7.

Preah Rumkel

Located nearby the Laotian border in the North of Stung Treng province at the banks of the Mekong River, the village Preah Rumkel is the gateway to the famous Sopheakmith waterfalls.
It is the perfect destination if you are looking for a relaxed time far off the usual tourist tracks. Possibilities of trekking, having a picnic while watching the enchanting Irrawaddy dolphins playing in river pools, spending the night in a homestay, as well as beautiful nature and a welcoming community are definitely reasons you should consider a visit to the North of Cambodia.

Mlup Baitong started this project in 2008 in order to support the community to gain extra income to improve their livelihoods and to protect their community forest.

You can get further information on your visit by contacting Mr. Mom Chantha: / (+855) 081 993 693 or Ms. Lok Chanthou: (+855) 097 503 983 6.

O Chorm

Our newest eco-tourism project is located in Battambang province near the Thai border. Only in 2013, several waterfalls were discovered by the local community. Guests are invited to explore the jungle’s waterfalls and to go camping.

The Community-Based Ecotourism site of O Chorm is a popular destination for Cambodian and international tourists looking to experience luscious nature as a welcome contrast to the city life of Battambang. At O Chorm visitors await thick forest and several waterfalls to cool oneself of from exploring the area. Rest for a picnic, go for a swim and discover wildlife. Those who wish to stay a while, are invited to make themselves feel at home in one of the community’s family houses.

As the area has only recently opened up to the outside world and is only now well reachable by car or motorbike, the nature and wildlife is mostly untouched. Trekking through the forest like an explorer is guaranteed at O Chorm.

Mlup Baitong is active in the village of O Chorm as an advisor since 2005 and helped the community set up the Community-Based Ecotourism site in 2018.

Reach out to Mr. Kun Retthy if you would like to come visit: (+855) 086 606 083.