Of the country’s population, about 80% live in rural areas (Ministry of Interior 2014). Cambodia ranks # 143 of 188 countries in the UNDP’s Human Development Index 2015, making it into the bottom end of the group labeled as Medium Human Development countries. Life expectancy at birth lies at 68.4 years, expected years of schooling are 10.9 and gross national income (GNI) per capita is calculated at USD 2,949. The table compares Cambodia’s Human Development Index with that of Norway (ranked most developed) and Niger (ranked least developed).

Quick facts:

  • Population: 15.4 million
  • Population in severe multidimensional poverty: 16.4%
  • Working poor at PPP$2 a day (% of total employment): 40.2%
  • Child labour (% of ages 5 to 14): 18.3%

Source: UNDP’s Human Development Index 2015.

More statistical information can be found here.